nasty life

Last Rays

Just as I surrounded around the last few rays

The last few hopes, the last few dues

The freshness of those self-inflicted wounds burned under those rays

A perfect feel of those cracked space between the wall,

Reminded me, reminded me of her

A perfect disguise of light in shape of her

Dancing down the teachers of evening freshness and tenacity,

I felt her perfume opening my wounds up as the wind gusted through my body

As the rays traveled from exterior to interior, making the floor and then the wall feel of her

I felt like going, going holding it

It’s still simple for me when I am surrounding it

I am surrounding it unable to expand or unable to escape

This ray just belongs to me, me alone

As I now look to escape those myriads of hopeless feed

With each passing day, the rays are less vicious more offering strength


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