nasty life


As it rained drops by drops, minute by minute

I continued to see those drops absorb the dryness little by little

I saw the dust settling down, absorbing of being together

I saw the never seen smile and the never seen children on the nearby puddle

I saw the paper boats make way through my feet

As I looked to save the last bit of my dry head from the flowing water from the holes in the shed

Though I don’t associate the similarities of life with rain but associate the loneliness

The loneliness where I don’t see people around I don’t see the love

Maybe it’s associated with my school days, loosing those last few love kisses from grandparents

Losing those last few free time running from shop to another for best stickers

Bounce off from one to another, the thoughts running away from the rain

The last bit rain making me happy again because it’s brings more dryness and love


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