As I rubbed the pain on my knee caps, it felt as if that knee caps had broken into pieces. The eye lids were in distress of constant sharp light coming through them. The night was feeling long away from over. I was fully dressed on the upper body but my lower body was more like a patio being mowed by a bull. As I creeping opened my eyes to let the light slowly slip in through the space.

Covered with blanket it covered my knees which I was rubbing over the cover, half of the bed was still neatly made. There was big Italian framed photo on the wall with two people looking at each other smiling. The walls were dimly colored with light blue and sun’s yellow color on the pillars. The pain in my knees has now reduced to bits and traveled below the knee line covering till the toe; it felt better. Though everything seemed kind of familiar but it felt like an alien space to me.

On my side there was a glass of water along with a diary. The water was easy target but the diary seemed more tempting when you don’t have the sense of your being. With my hand I felt the hard bounded cover it was simple, grab and run, the hand writing matched with mines but not the words. I felt like being dragged out of my mind where the words I had never seen, never written or even never felt that they had left my eyes. The first page dated back to 19th November 2016; I was discussing about my birthday party and lacy.

As I felt the uneven thoughts coming through those pages I rubbed my knees again the pain had vanished by now and it felt like I could standup. As I uncovered the body, it felt like cold syringes on my feet. I glanced through the last few pages, and went to the last one dated on 5th May 2017. You shouldn’t dance with so much Horn maybe the death star will see and get jealous of you. Lucy as always like a grace, love her and hope she has a great time. “Next time no cocktails only whiskey”.

Suddenly there was knock on the door and a lady walked in with few coffee cups and bread. Surprised and embarrassed about my situation I regained the cover over my body.

“Don’t be embarrassed, I am Lucy your wife.”

“Read this Q-cards” As she handed my some cards written with my own handwriting and signed by me and a doctor named Dr. Suchi.

The first Q-card read of my birthday and my wife with a photo; who was now making coffee for me. Second was describing my condition “” latter were the stuff about my daily activities and life.

As I went through them bewilderment I looked on for some other aspects. Lucy Said “You shouldn’t dance so much you already have a knee problem look at those sore feet”. As she hugged me.

Another entry in the Diary.


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