The little being struggled to stop the paths,
The path of buzzing, sunlight and the cold chilling winds of morning
Tucked between the sheets, it struggled to keep the brave eyelids closed
As the mom was preparing for the morning rituals
With the dirty sheet, it wandered off the fly from the little hole it had kept between the outer world and the world in sheets
As the smoke and pollution disturbed the lazy fresh morning for the human soul
The little soul still had dreams to discover and some birds not see
The dream was still on his mind tangling and making it play
The honking, the chirps of birds, the shouting of people were all taking the dream away
My bus had just slowed down on the curve where the family lived on the footpath
Maybe the life would change in the uncertainty to make him better
The dream would last inside his head, where nature prompted the worst of conditions for him not see
Though some way nature had planted the dream to give a glimpse of tomorrow,


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