nasty life

The Little of Roads

The rain was lashing out towards the crawling morning crowd

Small humans held and despised by nature

As the car maneuvered through the heavy traffic of morning

I felt a soft desperate knock of help on my side window

The knock was more of a pleading for bit of help

As the direction of knock carried me out

Once I could fear her as only the red sari showed the eyes looking for the morning tea on roads

With her shivering hands she knocked again, curling her finger and spreading her palms

The rain was still lashing on her sari covered body

I searched of the switch to lower my window; the sight outside was too helpless

The cold droplets of rain still leaped on through the edges of window

I hadn’t decided what to give or what I was supposed to do

As I fumbled through my pocket the car behind me honked

Unpleasantly I didn’t have any cash

I had a jacket on the side seat, maybe it would be more than enough

As I gave it to her the relief in the eyes to protect her body could be seen in those eyes

Yes, maybe I did it.

I had just moved ahead but my side mirror told me maybe I saved a soul in this weather.


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