nasty life

Narrow Lanes

It was winter morning the sun was still late in attending the morning prayers which could be heard at a distance small children play school. The children usually got in the school backyard before I even realize that my alarm is ringing, so they seem to get a better perspective on the dawn. The steam rising from the water made me wonder of various acknowledgment I used to get for making coffee—good and bad and now that I quite both made me realize the aspects of doing something for someone without any courtesy showed us the part of their character.

After a drink of hot water and a bite of banana, I went to the usual routine of finding my running shoes and track pants. Both seem to be in a place where they were left yesterday.

As I opened the door to the house the cold wind hit my eyelids crushing down my sleep had in them.

As I made myself ready for the jog.  With sweatshirt covering the upper body the cold winds caressed my hand. The sun hadn’t made a full appearance which meant the street lights had to act as a path for me before crashing into a street dog or human. In winters the street lights should still be shining in the sky but today some had decided to have a breakdown.

My run usually makes me cross over through the narrow lanes to small road then a big highway at the end acts as a track but today I went towards the opposite direction where narrow lanes took me towards a path of people backyards, where you could smell the aroma from dirty utensils made for the last night dinner.

As I rushed towards the left lane I took the eye off the path and the biggest lie I was told about this lanes came to my head.

“In these lanes don’t find love they find a human being melted towards the hell”

Maybe she was lighting a small fire when I stumbled upon her and fell towards the opposite side of the path. Fell flat on the ground nothing to worry about until I tried to move my legs.

As I slowly felt the bone-shattering pain it seemed like the bone had been moved to an unusual direction. I slowly looked back someone was sitting in the corner with a body covered in shawl the rays of the sun was slowly making its presence fell in the surrounding and this had made the thin line of the person emerge. It was the dawn of day where I could see a person with brown shawl covered body moving towards me.

“You could have hit me thankfully you stumbled upon that rock”

The voice had a serenity of this cold morning still shivering with the cold windiness of the morning. Her eyes still had the sleepy tone with which she questioned my presence.



I looked through those eyes of her, as I held my legs the pain was still excruciating through the veins but subsided with calmness.  Her slow little hands now moved towards my laces were I saw that the pain has now just been done with.

Her cold hands made way through my dirty socks and with holes it looked I needed more pain to subside the embarrassment. She slowly stood up without even looking towards me, now the shawl only covered her upper body, as she went towards the entrance.

Making me wonder what my next step should be as I felt the pain reducing under the shadows of dawn, as I reached for my shoes she stopped my hand in the mid-air. With her cold hands, the red bindi freshly applied in the morning told me she was married. The thin smile she gave onto the little regions made me enjoy this morning.

Small bottle of oil she brought out provided an ease to my legs. In her soft words, she told me I need a rest for my legs the run could be more painful. She had a kind of sadness which emptied the soul and the cold wind made it difficult for her to cry out and maintain the peace to overcome.

She left me there in my situation only to make me realize that life even didn’t make plans for us though we are all loved equally.




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