As it rained drops by drops, minute by minute

I continued to see those drops absorb the dryness little by little

I saw the dust settling down, absorbing of being together

I saw the never seen smile and the never seen children on the nearby puddle

I saw the paper boats make way through my feet

As I looked to save the last bit of my dry head from the flowing water from the holes in the shed

Though I don’t associate the similarities of life with rain but associate the loneliness

The loneliness where I don’t see people around I don’t see the love

Maybe it’s associated with my school days, loosing those last few love kisses from grandparents

Losing those last few free time running from shop to another for best stickers

Bounce off from one to another, the thoughts running away from the rain

The last bit rain making me happy again because it’s brings more dryness and love

Last Rays

Last Rays

Just as I surrounded around the last few rays

The last few hopes, the last few dues

The freshness of those self-inflicted wounds burned under those rays

A perfect feel of those cracked space between the wall,

Reminded me, reminded me of her

A perfect disguise of light in shape of her

Dancing down the teachers of evening freshness and tenacity,

I felt her perfume opening my wounds up as the wind gusted through my body

As the rays traveled from exterior to interior, making the floor and then the wall feel of her

I felt like going, going holding it

It’s still simple for me when I am surrounding it

I am surrounding it unable to expand or unable to escape

This ray just belongs to me, me alone

As I now look to escape those myriads of hopeless feed

With each passing day, the rays are less vicious more offering strength

Coming Out

Coming Out

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Now as you see through those thin layers of cornea

Don’t you say that what you saw, WAS??

Not pain but the work to build bridge under those monsters

Under those monsters looking to pull down, pull down the remains

Under the painful directions of places I had followed

Guided by blind holder

Feeling of those burning feet’s and afraid of those eventualities below the cliff

Under the piercing thorns of other hopes

Now as I see the continuous distance between the very changing thoughts of creating and doing

I look to pave through those thin lines of hope

Hope to see those lights of green and blue

The eyes that have longed for all the days with dark reds



Feeling trapped under those layers of skins

Under the bonds of anxiety and fear

Under those which were meant to be faith but turned into shackles

Under those which meant go ahead, flow onto your path, but pulled you with the sludge of dirt

All these pulled down the hopes and dreams

Under those suns of lie and wind of despair

He climbed on walked on

Were the world seemed like it would never would have sought any chances for him

Destined to be burned and given to the nature

Where I brought all those cries under control

Can I see those eyes, can I look inside them and say my words, I told them

As I pushed out pushed out of those tiny holes of life

Powerful they were, powerful they been

As I still look through little by little

Little by Little, holding onto my heart



As I see in those eyes the difference created by the indifference of people,

I saw them looking around me and make swift glances at those vision,

Those evergreen promises we had made,

Can we talk? My heart ached; As I walked past those doors

The hope for them had been on the vast lands, far away from the tiny hands holding it back

Those tiny hands had the strength and appritiation but for how long under the storm, under the storm of peace

My only hope being able to create and then submit to the best that I could do

A line between those drawn and made to fill the emptiness through those minds

Now Where?

Now Where?

As I sat down their writing last few lines for you

The words didn’t articulate the old ways which they used

Maybe something was gone, maybe something was broken

And yes everything has changed, as step aside and see them

I lost the life creating the script had a different person by my side

The futile changes and everlasting shallow houses around the storm

As I step on the orchestra of life where the puppets are bound by strings of wool

As a better looking me and better made me

With view I walkout and purpose my life towards another climb.

Scent Addict

Scent Addict

As I walk into the morning sun, the bend around the stair case brought me on street

The morning breeze smelled of fumes, the morning dew and sweat

As I crossed meat shop it smelled for help

The Coffee smelled of another great day for you

The hot dog served smelled of look at your heart

The lady at reception smelled of the unpleasant meeting

As I sat in my office it smelled of paper being shredded out of life being dismantled every minute

The green plant of my office smelled of carving for water

The lunch smelled of my vacation food, not more but enough less

As I dragged through the illusion of smells and the clock which made restless efforts for life and love

The carving, the addiction, the love which holds the air around you

As I rushed back from the streets, dashing on those slow walkers

Maybe, I could get some morning fragrance,

As I bragged through the door, their you were sitting on the chair

As we fainted in each other through the air